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Planning. Development. Management.

Unlocking significant value for property with development potential requires detailed knowledge, research and strategic planning.

In always seeing ‘the bigger picture’, supported by a comprehensive understanding of town planning processes and in-depth market knowledge, Armada is well prepared to offer strategic advice for development.

Contact us to discuss how Armada can significantly add value to your property and realise its full potential.

Armada’s developments focus upon high-calibre apartments/townhouses located within Sydney’s Lower North Shore & Northern Beaches.

Our key strengths include:


We work in the spirit of ‘Intelligent Urban Development’, striving to create properties that are desirable and aesthetically pleasing, cleverly designed to optimise space and are constructed with a superior level of workmanship. We develop with care and are trusted to deliver.


Our developments start with carefully selecting locations which will provide residents and occupiers with the highest level of amenity and convenience. We fully understand the essentials required, the lifestyles that are created and the future communities that will thrive.


Ensuring our vision is built upon strong foundations, Armada is adept at financial feasibility modelling, market analysis, valuation and property development finance. As property development requires substantial ‘up front’ investment and carries risk, it is essential to be guided by sound business and financial principles.

Development approval

With considerable expertise in all aspects of obtaining development consents, our knowledge of town planning guidelines, practical experience of the logistics of the process, community engagement and local authority liaison establishes successful outcomes at this crucial initial stage.


To realise our vision, we carefully select high-calibre consultants and partners with an established track record of successful work and reputations to match, working together to create developments of urban sophistication with balanced outcomes for residents, the environment and the community.

Project management

Our ‘hands on’ approach and broad experience ensures that our developments constantly move forward to deliver on time and to our high specifications. To see the latest example of Armada’s property development expertise, visit our Alexander Residences website

Armada’s flexible approach and extensive experience enables us to provide development management services to property owners, providing:

  • dedicated representation to achieve optimal development application (DA) approvals
  • negotiations and implementation plans leading on from our Strategic Planning advisory work
  • comprehensive development management/project management post-DA approval to co-ordinate construction certificate (CC) plans, development finance, the construction tender process, construction management, marketing campaign direction and liaison with project marketing agents.

Armada also welcomes a variety of other commercial relationships, such as joint venture arrangements for parties to contribute equity and expertise in facilitating projects. We effectively place ourselves in the position of a property owner/investor, who may not have the time or expertise to undertake the numerous and challenging aspects of successful property development.

Our key strengths include:

Town planning assessments

Armada will always establish that all options have been considered before development planning and detailed design commences. This not only saves time and money in the long term, but ensures that optimum returns on investment are achieved.

This involves:

  • Market analysis: using our detailed market knowledge and experience and network of industry contacts, Armada has access to real data which is not always in the public domain, leading to better informed valuations and projections of project viability.
  • Property analysis: a thorough examination of environment and site fundamentals determines the actual property that can practically be built in the location.

Property development requires considerable investment and therefore careful financial management to mitigate risk. With a track-record in high-value development, Armada is adept at managing development equity and all aspects of property finance, including feasibility and financial modelling.

Consultant teams
Armada has the industry expertise and contacts to form the right team with the right skills at the right price. With excellent communication and negotiation skills, Armada co-ordinates and manages the work of numerous consultants, providing a coherent direction for the development.

Project management/Project Control Groups

Our experience and detailed ‘hands on’ approach ensure that developments are on time, on budget and deliver to specification and quality of finish.

Community/Authority liaison

Engagement with communities and local authorities is an essential part of delivering successful property developments. With a focus on balanced outcomes, supported by effort to establish and manage positive working relationships with councils and local authorities, Armada works at the ‘front end’ of the project to prevent many of the challenges and road blocks which can occur in the development process.

Strategic contingencies

Armada’s careful planning and management has the goal of always having considered contingencies to hopefully overcome development issues or problems as they arise, keeping the project on-time and to budget.


Any development, no matter how well it has been planned and constructed, can be let down by poorly executed and ineffective marketing. We are meticulous when it comes to formulating marketing campaigns through having a sound understanding of target markets and purchaser profiles and consistently delivering the right pitch across all media channels.

Contact us to discuss how Armada can turn your development ideas and plans into reality.

Armada Property - Intelligent Urban Development

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